EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW; Youngest ethical hacker Trishneet Arora enthused for his forthcoming book “Voice of Hackers”


Ludhiana, August 7, 2012: Trishneet Arora, ethical hacker from India (Punjab), is about to release his first book, “Voice of Hackers.”
In an interview with City Air New today, he claims that he has become world’s second youngest author of hacking books. 
Asked about the book, he told that this was meant as a guide to anyone who wanted to learn about hacking and aware from cybercrime. Here’s what he says:

Please tell our readers about yourself.
I am 18 years old. I belong to Ludhiana. I continually work in cyber world without sleep. My mind always thinks of something new. I want to contribute to the cyber society as just like my seniors.
What about your first book “Voice of Hackers”? What topics does it cover?

My book is about what  I learned in the past. Book covered more than 20 chapters with 90% practical knowledge with snapshots. Chapters of the book include Intro of ethical hackers, Intro of ethical hacking, types of hackers, what ethical hacker do, google hacking, website hacking and hacking mobiles. 
What is your main focus?
My main focus is just to secure common internet users from cyber crime and I just love to see India a cyber crime free country. There is 90% practical stuff and I just want to hit this book to common e- users to secure their confidential data. Like credit cards ATM net banking, Email, videos, pix and many more. Motive of this book is awareness of cyber crime.
When will the book be released and where will it be available?
First of all I am thankful to my publisher “Asian Books” Avinash Jagrasia. Actually I wanted to publish it in June as ,I had told earlier in press interviews. Now, my Publishers are getting this book published in September. It will be available worldwide through eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and  Indian readers can also get this book from nearby bookstores. Also, online purchasing options like Flipkart and Snapdeal will be available.
What are your hopes?
I hope my first book will help people to secure surfing on internet. Readers will surely get something different than all. 









Tuesday, August 7, 2012