FACE-LIFT: Ferozepur railway station gets face lift


City Air News photo: Harish K. Monga

Ferozeur, November 14, 2012: The railway is having its divisional headquarters, covering its area up to Jammu of Northern Railway but the railway station was giving a very shabby look. 

Now it has started getting a face lift with over-all renovation of the station.  It started giving a new look with the installation of three majestic machines, including a vintage rail locomotive, a narrow guage coach and a British-era classic steam road roller on the Divisional Railway Manager’s office premises and the railway station, Ferozepur Cantt. All the three machines have become a centre of attraction not only for the passengers, passerby but also for the citizens of Ferozepur, were unveiled during a recent ceremony by Divisional Railway Manager, Naresh Chand Goyal.

In fact, the visit to Indo-Pak Hussainiwala border has only the attraction and a round to the city and cantonment was giving a very shabby look.  But with the installation of rail engine and also giving a face-lift to the crossings by the district administration, putting a divider on the mall road, fixing up of fancy street light poles etc., Ferozepur is now giving a new look.  In the coming days, much more is expected and the word backward is likely removed which is always prefixed with Ferozepur.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012