FARAH: “I’m glad my parents encouraged me to pursue a career”


Farah Khan.

What would Bollywood be without it’s “Munni”, “Sheila” or “Anarkali”?? Ask any Bollywood fan, and the response would be – “unimaginable!” That is exactly what Indian films would have been like if ace director and choreographer Farah Khan hadn’t made her mark on the industry. Crediting her parents for pursuing her dreams or else this multi-talented choreographer would have probably been married with kids by 21 years of age.

On seeing numerous young mothers who were married off at the age of 16 and above at the auditions of DID Super Moms, Farah was taken back to her younger days. She spoke at length about how her parents were instrumental in her pursuing a career in Bollywood.

“Had it not been for my parents, I would have definitely gotten married at the age of 21. At that time, most of my friends were getting married once we were barely out of college. I too, had planned on getting married after turning 21, but it was my parents who asked me to concentrate on building a career as well. They went on to stress the importance of a woman having a life of her own besides her family. Seeing these young mothers makes me think that had I not gotten into Bollywood, I too would have been happily married and had kids by the time I was in my twenties,” said Farah.

Well Farah, we are sure that millions of dancers and Bollywood fans across the country are thankful to your parents for their support and encouragement. Otherwise, Bollywood without you would have been a completely different place altogether!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013