Farmers to maximize profit through ‘Agri- Voltaic: a Solar Energy and Harvesting Project’


Dr. Ashok K Chauhan and Dr. Triochan Mohapatra inaugurating the Agri- Voltaic Farms at Amity University.

Agri- Voltaic Solar Farm inaugurated at Amity University
Noida, June 1, 2017: In order to meet the growing energy demands and improve the livelihood of farmers, Amity University has developed “Agri-Voltaic Facility” which was inaugurated by Dr.Trilochan Mohapatra, DG, ICAR & Secretary, DARE today at Amity University, Sector 125, Noida.

The unique Agri-Voltaic Facility has been developed by Dr. V.K. Jain, Distinguished Scientist & Professor Amity Institute of Renewable and Alternative Energy & AIARS (M&D) and his team under DST Funded Project and has been set up in Organic Farm, Amity University.

The ‘Agri-Voltaics’ is developed with an aim to help the farmers to mitigate likelihood of financial losses, thereby improving their family life and lifestyle. Some of the benefits for farmers as follow:
(a) The science of Agrivoltaic is to maximize the use of the agricultural land by combining solar energy harvesting and crop growing.

(b) Farmer can utilize some part of generated electricity for his house, as he is living nearby his farmland and can improve his living conditions.

(c) Farmer can earn extra money by selling the PV electricity along with crop, without affecting the crop’s growth.

Sharing his views during the historical moment, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group stated that “Agri-Voltaics” is a revolutionary achievement which will have colossal effect on agriculture sector and farmers’ income. He stressed that India’s growth can be put on high growth trajectory with the development of agriculture. He outlined that farmers in India face various challenges owing to heavy rains, floods, draughts etc leading to waste of efforts and other precious resources. He stated that the focus of the Project is on dual use of land for farmers using a combination of Photovoltaics panels and agriculture.

Addressing the gathering and enlightening them about “Agri-Voltaics”, Dr. V K Jain stressed that project brings together photo - volatics and agriculture with an aim to benefit the farmers. He shared that the project aims to derive maximum efficiency from the solar panels and highlighted that to prove the feasibility of the model, Amity has set up a working model of 10 KW which will help in electricity generation that would be used to grow food crops in the same field. He further revealed that 2 KW solar panels have been installed to supply the electricity to solar water pumps and farmers’ houses. He stressed that “Agri- Voltaics” is also connected to Government’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan since many toilets in remote areas are not used due to non- availability of running water, which could be easily addressed by using solar water pumps in such areas.

Congratulating Amity for coming up with such a unique concept of Agri- Photovoltaics Solar Farm, Mr. Trilochan Mohapatra said that the thought process behind the invention is very noble since it aims at utilizing minimum agricultural land and making it economically viable. He highlighted that Prime Minister of India has proposed to work towards increasing the income of farmers through integration of technology with innovation, which can double the farmers’ income. He further shared that this project was selected amongst the 45 innovative ideas presented to PMO for strengthening Agriculture Sector, Agri- Photovoltaics was one of the two selected ideas. He commended the way Amity is successfully demonstrating the use of frugal innovation to help mankind and society at large. He stressed that Amity stands for innovation and lauded its efforts towards bolstering the Agriculture Sector and helping the farmers.

Thursday, June 1, 2017