FEAR FILES (Special episode): Will Richa succeed in getting her mother back


A Mass Communication graduate Richa from USA comes to Ladakh (India) with her friends Neha and Sam to make a documentary and with the motive of searching her mother. To her shock she comes to know that her mother is being possessed by multiple spirits from past 10 years and is kept in a monastery in Ladakh.

Being away from her mother since childhood and not having a healthy relation with her father as he kept Richa away from her mother, she determines to get her mother back at any cost. Richa with firm determination and with the help of the Buddhist monks learns the exorcism process so that she could help her mother.

After learning the process, Richa makes a plan to rescue her mother with the help of the Old Monk. They perform an unusual exorcism with a group of monks. Will Richa succeed in getting her mother back? Will she get any support from her father?

*Tune into Fear Files Special episode on Zee TV(Sunday, August 19, Time 9 pm 11 pm)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012