With fears of layoffs looming large in IT industry, Fun @ Work seems to be the new mantra


With “Fun @ Work”, “work is more fun than the fun”

Work and Play, have Fun and Work. Is it possible?
Why not says ZenQ and it proves too. It has been ensuring fun work environment for its employees for so many years and not just today.

Fun @ Work is not only important but is very essential says Murali Bollu, CEO of ZenQ. It has been the part of our culture at ZenQ for so many years, he informed.

Besides being it part of the culture of the company for so many years, the company went one step further by organizing Decennial Celebrations with "Fun @ Work" as its theme this weekend at Golconda Resorts in the City (Hyderabad) outskirts.

400 of its staff had a real gala time all through the day. Which was followed by cultural programs where 76 of its employees performed various cultural activities uninterruptedly for six hours, which is not a small thing? Be it a skit, dance, song, drama name anything they proved that they had the best talent. They competed so much so that they made the audience believe that they were not less than any professional artists.

ZenQ could probably be one of the very few companies in the, where most of its staff comprised of good artists besides being software testers. Most of them discovered and had been honing these artistic skills after joining the company. And company has been providing them a platform to showcase those skills. Some of them turned out to be the best performers, and they have proved time and again year after year.

The emcee announced that they put in a lot of efforts, months of rehearsals. But, does their company allow them to practice? Yes, say the staff. The SynQ, team comprised of volunteers from the enterprise organizes one activity every month. Have you ever imagined that all the 400 hundred of us have gone to Forum Mall to watch Baahubali 1 and 2? The entire company staff watched the movie together. What a great experience, described Poojitha, Senior Test Engineer of the company.

Fun @ Work is more important because of 60 per cent of our waking hours are spent at work added Kalyani Siriki, Associate Project Manager.

With Fun @ Work in ZenQ, the "work is more fun than the fun" is how Praveen Senior Test Manager put it, Fun Work Culture at their office.

ZenQ makes it sure that you have fun at work, added Sandhya another Senior Test Engineer informed.

Having fun at work, sounds good, doesn't it? Having a good time at work is a serious business now at our office, says Sai Kiran. With this atmosphere your co-workers become your friends, he added.

For software testing professionals yet times job becomes tedious. It is challenging to find and debug. We need a break. The fun element becomes very essential to break that boredom, says Shiva Hudgi, Senior Date Analyst. It releases stress.

There is never a dull moment at ZenQ. Its client base includes so many across the world. Our job is to provide Software Testing Services. Software Testing is a very serious work. Fun lightens us up. So we employees prefer to have a good time while at work which our company ensures, shares Mohammed Abdul Akbar.

Our Organization's most valuable resource is its human capital, and like any resource, the way in which it is utilized makes it effective. HR lays a special emphasis. The fun environment at work at least once a week makes sure to get together and get to know co-workers. My office is an extension of my college life, says Ashu who is into Finance in the company.

Work at ZenQ is one of the fast growing pure-play testing service companies with offices in Hyderabad (Global Headquarter) & in Dallas; the US is very cool. There are frequent outings, happy hours, office decoration, desk decoration, sports competitions, ad film making sessions, community service, cultural activities, humor, fun activities, milestones and important occasion celebrations, movie outings and excellent bonding activities, informs Murali Bollu, CEO of the Company

The company management encourages sports, cycling a big way and conducts cycle rally once in a year. It has been conducting presentation competitions and gave prizes to the winners. Festivals are celebrated together. The staff is encouraged to come in traditional dresses on some important and festive occasions. My stint at this office has given more sweet memories explained Poojitha

Today the organization boasts of excellent artists among its employees. There are good singers, dancers, actors, stand-up comedians too. They have discovered that talent in them after joining here. I like acting. I never knew that I act well. When people said, I had to believe. The actor in me woken up after I joined in this company. Since then there is never a dull moment in my work life. Fun is the way of life at ZenQ, which has very ambitious plans to grow and reach Rs 120crore turnover by the year 2021 informed Praveen. Fun in IT work environment a need, not just a nice thing to have, he adds. It makes you fit emotionally and physically, he says.

The company has 400 employees and is still recruiting. 40 percent of its staff is women. It is also moving into a big office of 1.09 lakh sqft space, which can accommodate 1000 people. We hope to increase our staff to 1000 by the end of this year. In this new premise, we are creating many fun zones, interactive spots, refreshing zones, coffee shops for our employees to sit, chat, team, collaborate, progress. We are investing almost Rs 25crore in making our new office more people friendly and ensuring Fun @ Work, informed Murali Bollu, while addressing the gathering at their Decennial Celebrations this weekend.

Co-workers love to spend as much time together out of the office as they do at work. This software testing service company is preferred as one of the top places to work in the city by its employees—not just once, but two years in a row.

These fun activities ensure its staff relaxed and cooled all through the month. The “work hard, and the play hard” thing is working well. We not only have fun, but we also have learning sessions, new skills developments programs. We also volunteer in some social causes. The entire office looks like one big family of 400 people. My office is my extended family. I love it the most. I haven’t skipped office even for a day in the last four years informed Kalyan, a senior executive in the company.

Traditionally we know that work and fun do not go well with each other. But, things have changed. It 's hard to find talent and retain talent. That is why companies are devising various ways and means. Fun @ Work is one such an essential thing in these stressful days. The benefits of it are much fold. It helps build the bond among the colleagues, increases productivity, encourages creativity and innovation. It enhances workers satisfaction and gets their loyalty too.

But how do you ensure fun at work? Simply by organizing activities such as humor, games, celebrations, training, skill development, sports, cultural events, spotting talent, recognizing the talent, contribution, etc. and many such things adds Kalyani Siriki.

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. Fun is the primary human need. It improves communication with co-workers, breaks the monotony, boredom that comes out of doing repetitive or routine work. It can dissolve conflict, tension, foster a positive company culture. It enables an atmosphere for networking. Work hard, have fun, party hard and make a difference to yourself and your workplace.

Fun at Work is more important. With fun, work will become more fun than the fun itself.

Monday, June 19, 2017