Ferozepur/Punjab News- Protest against deadliest attack on Christians in Pakistan in Guruharsahai


A candle march being organised at Guruharsahai, in Ferozepur District.

City Air News photo: Author


Ferozepur, September 29, 2013: On call from Christian Front Punjab, in protest against the killing of 78 people including women and children, in the deadliest attack on Christian minority in Pakistan’s history, a candle march was organised at Guruharsahai, in Ferozepur District, under the leadership of Father Christopher Paster Kharait Masih and Comrade Victor Vicky apart from shouting slogans against the Pakistan.

The Victor Vicky alleged that the minority communities of Hindus, Sikhs and Christian in Pakistan are the victim of terrorists in Pakistan.  The deadliest attack on about 600 Christian assembled in the Church is not tolerable, in which about 120 people have injured.

This was the worst attack in Pakistan's history on the Christian minority, which has not been targeted as frequently as other minorities like Shias or Ahmadis, when the worshippers were leaving for a distribution of free food outside the church when the bombers struck.

Lambasting on Pakistan government, he said, it is shame on the part of Pakistan for not curbing the activities of terrorists on minority groups and having no security for the religious places. 

Demanding the intervention of UNO, he appealed for due compensation to those families whose member have died in the incident apart from making arrangements for the employment and security.

On this occasion, Pastar Vijay Mikel, Saims, Rinku Bhatti, Feroz, Vijay Sudhama and others were present.


Sunday, September 29, 2013