FICO demands regulatory commission on steel prices and upgradation of Ludhiana Airport


Ludhiana, May 16, 2018: Today S.Gurmeet Singh Kular President along with Shri Rajeev Jain Secretary FICO, met Shri Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation, Government of India ,in New Delhi and demanded to stop the dumping of cheap Chinese PBS bicycles to save the Indian indigenous bicycle manufacturing industry. They submitted a memorandum to the minister. The memorandum reads as under:
• Un-rational Hike in Steel Prices
The steel prices have rose by 15000 to 20000 per ton, which is totally unjustified with the MSE’s. Micro & Small industry is incurring huge loses Nationally & Internationally. Steep hike in steel prices are observed every month, industry is facing huge losses due to it, as the previous orders have not been completed yet, the industry have to purchase steel and iron at renewed prices, frequent hike is very fatal for the industry as this has let Indian Indigenous manufacturers incompetent internationally especially with Chinese Manufacturers. Sir India is rich in Iron Ores then why steel prices are being drastically increased so frequently. FICO also demanded Steel regulatory committee to be formed.
• Upgradation of Ludhiana Airport:
Ludhiana is the financial capital of Punjab, and the Industrial Manchester of India, Ludhiana is rich in Textile, Hosiery, Bicycle, Sewing Machine Industries, the products of all the mentioned industries are being sold over India and also being exported globally. Unfortunately the Ludhiana Airport is in miserable condition, our industry needs to travel frequently, Ludhiana needs frequent flights to New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata & Bangalore. Ludhiana need at least three flights to Delhi to & fro. You will see that within two months, all the flights will be running to full occupancy. FICO also demanded to upgrade the Ludhiana’s Airport as per latest aviation standards. You are requested to look into the matter and do the needful.
• Dumping of Cheap Chinese PBS Bicycles in India:
FICO has taken two successful delegations to China for the exhibitions China Plas 2018 & The China International Bicycle & Motor Fair 2018 in the months of April 2018 & May 2018 respectively. FICO have observed over there in China numerous bicycles have been dumped on road sides, which are now being dumped to our country by companies like Orange, OFO, MoBike which are into Public Bike Sharing. FICO is not against PBS but dumping these Chinese bikes in India will result in closure of Indian Indigenous bicycle manufacturers, you are requested to look into the matter personally and stop the dumping of Cheap Chinese PBS Bicycles in India.
• TUF for Bicycle Industry: -
Bicycle Industry in the mother industry of Punjab which makes India the 2nd Largest Manufacturers of World, where as China is the Largest Manufacturer of Bicycles, but the Gap between the Manufacturing quantity of both is very high, China produces 20 Crores Bicycle Per Year, whereas India only manufactures 1 Crore 30 lakhs bicycles per year. If the Government wants to reduce this gap, then the Technology Upgradation Fund scheme should be introduced for the bicycle industry, so that the bicycle industry gets the benefits up to 40 Crores. So Bicycle Industry can upgrade themselves to compete with the world & to become India largest Manufacturers of Bicycle in the World.
• Reintroduction of Credit Link Capital Subsidy Scheme:-
Credit Link Capital Subsidy Scheme is to facilitate technology up-gradation in MSMEs by providing an upfront capital subsidy of 15 per cent (on institutional finance of upto Rs 1 crore availed by them) for induction of well-established and improved technology. Government of India has suspended the scheme. We demand that Credit Link Capital Subsidy Scheme should be re-introduced to save the MSME sector and banks should be instructed to facilitate the industry with the CLCSS Scheme
• International Co-operation Scheme:-
The International Co-operation scheme which used to facilitate the industry for their visits to international exhibitions and conventions to upgrade themselves technically. Industry have to visit the international exhibitions to keep themselves update with the latest technology and trends being used worldwide. That scheme also have suspended. We request you to kindly re-introduce the said scheme to facilitate the industry in order to keep themselves up in international market.
Amongst present were S. Gurmeet Singh Kular President FICO, Shri Rajeev Jain Secretary FICO & General Secretary Ucpma, Dr. KB Thakur Secretary General AICMA, Shri Devashish Raho Atlas Cycles Limited.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018