Fire department made a mock drill at Gulshan Ikebana


Noida: As a measure of the safety of residents and emergency management, the mock fire drill was held on Saturday in the Gulshan Ikabana Society located in Noida, Sector 143 of the city. This drill was organized by the Noida Fire Department to teach residents the process of evacuation during the fire and other emergencies. The members of fire department explained the residents about various measures and preventions related to the same. Residents were made aware of the different methods of vacating the buildings through experiments and examples.

People were also taught about the whole concept of emergency management with the help of hoardings and pictorial representations. Near about 200 families including both elders and children participated in this safety awareness event. The event recorded a good amount of engagement and participation from the residents.

“The security of residents should always be on the priority list thus, we make sure to come up with such events more frequently. People should be aware of the safety measures and basic emergency preventions because a person should always be prepared in case any emergency arises. If a person knows right kind of safety measures, he can not only save his own but also the lives of other people. We are thankful to the Noida Fire Department for their precious time and efforts they provided for our residents. Sufficing the whole motive, the event enlightened residents of all age groups” said Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan Homz.

Sunday, August 6, 2017