Foreign-Owned U-Ryd Taxis strengthen its presence in Indian Market


New Delhi: U-Ryd Transport Solutions Pvt Ltd, America’s leading super aggregator for cabs recently forays into the developing Indian Market. The company, based in Uttar Pradesh reveals about their mobile application and website which provides lakhs of people an approach to a simple and a quickest way to get cab facilities anywhere and anytime. In this professional and speedily growing world, everybody needs a one-time solution for the transportation facilities without any hindrance, so U-RYD brings an excellent solution by creating better possibilities for travelers, drivers and places.

U-RYD has fused the technology with transport by giving a better option of app based technology and website and redefining transportation of people. One of the best features of U-RYD is that the payment mode is very handy and simple. Customers can pay either through cash or card, in advance – through RYD Money (Wallet) or cash-in-arrival.

U-RYD app not just helps customers explore cab facilities; it also helps customers customizing their schedule and has it properly planned. Initiating with earning opportunities for every ride customers enjoy, also U-RYD comes with simple and approachable application which also guides the directions and locations, too. The company started with the aim of providing the best and cheapest fares for the taxi and integrating online booking to the simplest form.

It is expected by the company to be successful since the service is affordable. Through the app, metered taxis can be booked, which is free of any charge. One placing a request will receive a taxi at the pickup point as mentioned. Passengers are supposed to pay according to the meter, just like they used to pay. The app will be available for android.

With its Indian start-up venture, Mr. Rahul Mishra, CEO, U-RYD Transport Solutions Pvt. Ltd. believes in creating a better environment with new technologies. He comments, “At U-ryd, we’ve been engaged in a deep and broadly ranging study of the extended cab industry. We are completely focusing on the ultra budget-conscious segment. We intend to grow independently and keep going with our undivided focus towards the cab market. We want to co-exist with other players in the industry by leveraging existing supply rather than creating a new one. Every Feedback by the User is valuable to us so, we request U-RYD users (Users/Drivers) to share their feedback honestly.

Saturday, December 24, 2016