The French Loaf getting ready for the festive season: Mixes ingredients weighing 17,500 Kgs to create plum cake


Bangalore, October 12, 2017: The French Loaf, the fastest growing Bakery chain in the country organized its annual ‘Cake Mixing’ event, creating yet another milestone maintaining this beautiful tradition over the years on Tuesday, 10th October. Spearheaded by Corporate Chef Boopesh, the enthusiastic chefs of The French Loaf mixed a variety of ingredients weighing 17,500 kilos to create plum cake at its commissary in Clarke’s road. Reynold Fernandas - CEO of Oriental Cuisines Pvt Ltd was present at the event to extend his support to the team.
The energetic gathering mixed fruits like plums, peaches, pears, pineapples and apples of 1675 kilos, 1,850 kilos of tutti fruiti, 800 kilos of dry cherries, 750 kilos of dates, 460 kilos of cashew nuts, 350 kilos of orange peel, 350 kilos of ginger chips, 1160 kilos of white raisins, 175 kilos of mixed fruit jam were also blended along with this mixture. Apart from these common ingredients, The French Loaf team also used unique ones like 46 kilos of garam masala, 25 kilos of cinnamon sticks, 11 kilos of cloves, 11.5 kilos cardamom, 6 kilo of jadikkai and 3.5 kilos of bay leaves for delicious, mouth-watering cake for Christmas. This was soaked in 580 litres of premium rum to bring out the authentic festive flavour.
Speaking about the event, Chef Bhoopesh, Corporate Chef, The French Loaf, said, “The French Loaf’s Christmas cake has been the most-sought-after cakes because of the ingredients that goes into its making. Since its inception, The French Loaf and its products have been popular among food connoisseurs. This year we mixed 17,500 kilos of plum cake and what’s interesting is, we added unique ingredients like garam masala, cinnamon sticks and cardamom to the cake mix. We are elated to learn that our Christmas cakes have been well received by our customers and The French Loaf has always been their first choice.”
Reynold Fernandas -CEO of Oriental Cuisines said; “We are proud to be a part of the traditional cake mixing ceremony year after year at our very own commissary in the city. We have been receiving over-whelming response every year. The French Loaf team never fails to surprise me with their enthusiasm and passion towards creating milestones. I would like to take this opportunity to wish and congratulate Chef Boopesh and his team on embarking yet another exciting journey in creating the delicious plum cakes in large numbers.’’

Thursday, October 12, 2017