Gangs of financers looting poor people be exposed and dealt with as per law of land: CPI


Ludhiana, July 15, 2017: The Communist Party of India has demanded that the gangs of financers who are looting the poor people should be exposed and dealt with as per the law of the land.
Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Dr Arun Mitra, Dr D P Maur, Com Ramesh Rattan, Com Gurnam Sidhu, Com Chamkaur Singh, Com Ram Pratap, Com Saroj Kumar, Com Ramadhar Singh and others said the party has made several representations to the police including the Commissioner Police about a person who illegally finances the autos and later on extorts several times the money financed. He charges very high rate of interests. Even after the borrowers have paid the interest he forces them to pay more money; he even gets them kidnapped and beats them. He hardly gives any receipt for the amount received back from the borrower.

The leaders added they had even given a specific case as desired by the commissioner police. After 12 days of hard pursuance the police registered an FIR against the person concerned on June 23 this year U/S 420, 468, 478, 474 IPC which are non-bailable sections but police have not arrested him so far and is intentionally giving him chance to get anticipatory bail. The documents submitted are sufficient enough. There is apprehension that some section of police and politicians are helping them.
“We demand immediate arrest”, they said, adding as a long term solution to such problems CPI demanded that the banks should make the procedure of giving loans to the poor easy so that their exploitation at the hands of private financer can be stopped.
They said another case of murder of Mohamad Janeef Ansari (FIR No.101 dated 24.09.2016 Choki Sunder Nagar & PS Daresi) is hanging since then. They added wife of the deceased is running from pillar to post in vain. She is instead being pressurized to reach agreement. “We want immediate arrest of the culprits”, said the party leaders.

Saturday, July 15, 2017