GEI organises unique masterclass to spread happiness

A single-session holistic solution to transform oneself

GEI organises unique masterclass to spread happiness

Chandigarh: Region’s premier eye care chain, Grewal Eye Institute (GEI) brought a treasure of happiness for the residents of tricity, as they participated in unique Masterclass on managing Guilt, Anger & Stress that proved to be a holistic solution and virtually transformed them and gave them a new perspective of life. GEI keeps on organizing quality CME workshops for the Ophthalmologists of the region and training workshops for its staff, but this time it went a step further and organized the masterclass to spread cheer.

P. K. Khurana, the well-known public relations consultant, was the keynote speaker, who has always been there in the list of India’s top 100 influential game changers in the domain of public relations. He is now engaged in spreading happiness through his workshops. The main feature of today’s workshop was that it addressed not only as to how to manage stress, but also went deeper and shared tools to manage one’s guilt and anger as well. The holistic masterclass is a real spiritual experience well beyond the realms of medical science.

Dr SPS Grewal, CEO, GEI said, "We have been planning to conduct such a workshop for a long time as a number of studies have established that 1 out of every 7 Indians is suffering from mental illness. Guilt, Anger & Stress are the reasons of mental unrest that cause serious illnesses. Each and every doctor aims to contribute to building a healthy society. I am happy that the residents of tricity participated in the Masterclass in large numbers and appreciated it thoroughly.”

PK Khurana, Founder and Chief Mentor, FLY Unlimited Worldwide, who terms himself to be a rag-picker of the soul, said, “We now lead a hectic life and face a lot many challenges everyday. This sometimes creates pressures and causes stress. If not addressed, the stress may force one even to take extreme steps. There is a big difference between being successful and being happy. The goal of my life is to spread happiness and to remove the mental garbage from people’s souls. I thank GEI and Dr SPS Grewal for giving me this opportunity to take my life’s purpose forward.”