Globe’s youngest Technology-Sensation Tanmay Bakshi unfolded Future of Machine Learning to LPU Studencts


Tanmay Bakshi discussing about 'Machine Learning’ with LPU students in SDM Auditorium at LPU campus.

Jalandhar, December 6, 2018: Self-taught teenager developer, merely 15 years old Tanmay Bakshi reached Lovely Professional University today and unfolded future of ‘Machine Learning’(ML) to LPU students. Interacting with LPU students, Tech-Knowledge Ambassador Tanmay Bakshi announced emphatically that “Artificial Intelligence (AI) would not replace you; and, Machine Learning (ML) will augment you”. Creator of world’s first natural language question-answering system also answered a volley of questions ushered in the minds of the students while listening to his one and a half hour tech-talk on Machine Learning. He made it clear to students that “artificial intelligence does not exist; you have to go the way you want through it.” Taking the example of much-talked about human robot ‘Sophia’, in a way machine learning project, he explained that such forms have no human creativity or imagination.

Toronto (Canada) based Tanmay Bakshi reached at LPU Campus along with his parents Puneet and Sumita Bakshi. He has developed several apps and codes since being only 5 years old and his this liking for coding led him to create ‘AskTanmay’ App, which is powered by IBM Watson. Presently, world’s youngest IBM Watson programmer and IBM cloud champion, announced from the stage that he was very excited to be at the at the University. Addressing, he informed all, “My intention is to keep on exploring the technology more and more through various talks, workshops and such programmes. My topic today is ‘Machine Learning’ which is impacting a lot many lives across the globe, even in sending text messages, without even realizing that this is all through machine learning technology. I think there is a huge gap in learning and I have to help hundreds and thousands of aspiring coders to innovate.”

Tanmay pointed out that in future there will be two types of jobs- Where it will be required of humans to tell computers what to do; and, those where computers will to tell humans to do. He also informed that ML helps us all in diagnosis of disabilities, for changes in the way we educate, teen depression epidemic, artificial communication and more. Clarifying about ML technology concept, he guided that “it is essential set of operations used to build a mathematical model, which then transforms data into predictions.” He suggested that ML is more versatile than cloud computing and block chain and has unique ability. Through a live demo for mental stage of a person, he explained that ML lets computers recognize patterns in enormous datasets and act on them. Through this he exhibited that the mobile screen used for this particular mobile app turned into orange-yellow when the person under experiment was concentrating; and, the screen was green when the person was relaxing. He also took the examples of top web-based companies Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and more using machine learning capabilities for predictive analytics.

Prior to this, LPU Executive Dean Dr Lovi Raj Gupta felt proud to welcome the young prodigy at the campus and remarked that seeing at the applauding achievements of Tanmay, it seems “Age is just a number”. Asia’s largest BPB publications’ MD Mr Jain and Mr Stephen Symonds also appreciated the technology wonders of Tanmay. While answering about how to control fake news through ML or AI, Tanmay also shared: “I myself have been a victim of it where one of my TED Talk videos was uploaded on Facebook with the caption that I work for Google and I make billions of dollars a year. I believe Facebook is using machine learning to understand the content being put up, match it with trusted sources, understand the different point of views which people can have, and when they are absolutely sure that it is fake news then it will be automatically deleted.”

Thursday, December 6, 2018