GST has a lot of discrepancies: Punjab Pradesh Beopar Mandal


Ludhiana, July 14, 2017: Punjab Pradesh Beopar Mandal secretary Mohinder Aggarwal has made an appeal to Union Finnace Minister to remove discrepancies prevailing in the recently launched GST.
In an interview with `City Air News” (please watch the video clip), Aggarwal asserted that there was need to remove all the prevailing discrepancies. He cited many examples of discrepancies prevailing in electronics items. He opined that GST should not be more than 18 per cent on electronic items as these items were not “luxury ones”. Rather, these electronics items were used in manufacturing sector, he said. He feared that the higher rate on electronics items under the GST regime would prove bad for success of ‘Make in India’.

Aggarwal also highlighted some of the harsh provisions in the GST regime. He also spoke in detail about various other problems being faced by traders.
He sought immediate removal of the discrepancies and giving representation to traders’ community in the GST Council.