GST Toll Free Helpline Service (1800 3000 7288) launched


Chandigarh, August 5, 2017: Bantam India Limited, a leading software development company of North India in Taxation domain., has launched a National Toll Free Helpline on Friday to answer questions related to GST .

This toll free helpline will be available in 3 languages, including Hindi, English, Punjabi

The GST Toll Free Helpline Service (1800 3000 7288) was inaugurated by Chandigarh Business Council ( Chandigarh Vyapar mandal)President Anil Vohra ji. He said on this occasion, "Since GST is still complicated even after a month, in such a situation, small entrepreneurs will have to adopt a single tax (GST) instead of filing tax returns in different departments and in such a way People need a service/ person handy /free , who can help them. Unlike the current process of return, businessmen will have to file GST returns every month and . In this order, Chandigarh's Bantam India Limited has started a new initiative by launching the National Toll Free Helpline service and now the business people should use this toll free service to get answers to all the questions related to GST or should take advantage of the first mobile billing software App Fresh Khata. "

Stalian Jin, Director of Bantam India Limited, said, "Our toll free helpline will create an eco system within the business community to solve GST related questions. We conducted this toll free service for 5 days on trial basis, and during this time we got more than 1800 questions. Most of the questions have been raised by the small traders / accountants. We have brought a complete solution of GST only at one rupee per day through our App Fresh Khata that can be downloaded free from play store.

Sunday, August 6, 2017