Guest Lecture held about benefits of Epilepsy Surgery


Ludhiana, August 17, 2012: Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases in the world, and is present in up to 4% of the world’s population. Many patients with epilepsy never receive the treatment that would make them seizure free, expressed Professor Malla Bhaskara Rao from National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences, Bangalore. Dr Rao delivered a guest lecture today in DMC Hospital on the topic 'Epilpesy Surgery: An Overview'

It is a common fact that in developing countries like India, epilepsy surgery is not considered as a favorable mode of treatment due to lack of adequate resources and a belief among many physicians that epilepsy can't be totally cured through surgery.

Though World Health Organization (WHO) has laid special emphasis on treating epilepsy with medications, yet surgery is considered as the best available option for those, whose seizures cannot be controlled by medications. The benefits of surgery should be weighed carefully against its risks, advised Dr Malla Bhaskara Rao.

There are lot many cases where patients, in order to avoid surgery, tried several medications for years together with poor results and ultimately, getting agreed for undergoing surgical intervention to cure epilepsy. More recently, surgery is being considered as a better treatment option because studies have shown that the earlier surgery is performed, the better the outcome. A person who has been given several seizure medicines in adequate dosages and for a long enough period without a good response is unlikely to achieve complete seizure control with another kind of medicine. It is essential important for epilepsy-affected people to have a positive outlook and a strong sense of self-esteem and independence, with emphasis on abilities rather than difficulties.

Professor & Head of Neurology Dr Gagandeep Singh informed that Dr Malla Bhaskara Rao was on a visit to DMCH for a workshop on Live Epilepsy Surgery. His visit was very fruitful and benefited a number of patients with intractable epilepsy. Medical Supdt. & Professor of Neurosurgery- Dr Ashwani Chaudhary informed that epilepsy surgery is essentially a team work of Neurosurgeon, Neurologist, Radiologist and Neuropsychologist

Friday, August 17, 2012