Gurgaon celebrates Halloween day- the recent craze


Halloween day being celebrated at Gurgaon.

Gurgaon, October 31, 2015: Halloween craze has spread to the Millennium city, Gurgaon with people dressed in spooky costumes and props everywhere. Keeping up with the Halloween trend, Think Stations, an after-school development centre, celebrated the Halloween day at their South Point centre on October 31. It is a day dedicated to honor the dead and remember saints, martyrs and faithful souls. 7-14 year old children came dressed in Halloween costumes and were told the story behind this day and its importance.
The 2000 year old festival is celebrated across various countries including Europe. The children were gathered in a dark room, lit up by glowing skeletons and a pulsating plasma ball. In the room, smoke was created by mixing hot water and dry ice to teach children the process of sublimation, the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid phase. After the smoke was release, their mentor Vinicius, appeared as a ghost and narrated the origins of Halloween and the traditional meaning behind the Jack O’Lantern to the children.
Gayatri Singh Founder & CEO of Think Stations said, We love weaving in learning in our festival celebrations. Children learn about states of matter, sublimation while getting to know the Halloween story A fun scavenger hunt was packed with clues that made them think and work in teams. We make it fun, but it is all about learning. 
Sanghoon Hwang, a Korean student of Think Stations said, “"I learnt about the story behind Halloween and where it originated. I loved making the monster bookmarks!”
An intriguing scavenger hunt was also conducted in which the children were divided into teams and given clues to complete the hunt. The winning team received prizes. Monster bookmarks with different faces of ghosts, vampires etc were made by the children. They were also taught to make ‘mummy pizzas’.
Saturday, October 31, 2015