Guru Kashi University and Punjabi Sahitya Academy hold seminar on Health Services in Punjab


Prof. Rajinder Bhandari, Vice Chairman, Punjab State Planning Board presides over a seminar on “Health Services in Punjab” jointly organised by Guru Kashi University and Punjabi Sahitya Academyat Talwandi Saboin Bathinda district on October 21, 2013.

Talwandi Sabo, October 21, 2013: Guru Kashi University and Punjabi Sahitya Academy jointly held a Seminar on “Health Services in Punjab” to create awareness among the faculty and students. Prof. Rajinder Bhandari, Vice Chairman, Punjab State Planning Board presided over the function.

Prominent writers from various parts of the state also attended the seminar.
Prof. Gurbhajan Singh Gill, President, Punjab Shatya Academy & Director (Planning & Development) of the University welcomed the Prof. Bhandari, distinguished writers and also the faculty and students gathered on the occasion to listen the educative speeches of the renowned speakers which will certainly go a long way in  boosting environment in the society as a whole.    
Three eminent experts from Medical field namely Dr. Amar Singh Azad, Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi & Dr. Harshinder Kaur addressed the gathering. Dr. Azad elaborately dwelt upon the various Health problems which were eating into the vitals of the prople particularly the youth.  He also stated the pollution created by the waste follow from the industry is contaminating water, pollution and use of plastic even for storing food etc. are leading to loss of immunity in bodies given birth to serious diseases like cancer, infertility among women, Hepatitis, Dengue etc. Laying emphasis on keeping intoxicants and drugs by the youth is immensely preventive for checking body, mind and sex weakness. Blind pursuit of western culture is adding fuel to the fire. No doubt poverty and illiteracy are also responsible for deteriorations of health of people but excessive use of pesticides weedicides, chemicals, fertilizes are not only making the food poisonous but also creating slow poisoning use of Junk Food regularly is no less responsible for it.
Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi presented a picture of ideal during first two decades of independent India but now there have become two glaring classes among strata of the society – one for corporate sector and affluent people while the poorer section is deprived of the same. He called upon students to help themselves to come out of this dismal picture and not depend upon the Govt. NGOs or other social organizations.
Dr. Harshinder Kaur raised the issue of exorbitant fees pursuing studies in Medical stream for which one has to sped millions of rupees to get MBBS or MD degrees. It leads to dishonesty among the professionals because they want to recover what they spent on their education. She also stated that instead of spending crores of rupees upon cancer patients whose number is less as compared to national figure, The Govt. should spend half of that money to eradicate Dengue and Diarrhea which takes a big toll every year. She also advocated that the policy of engagement of doctors in leading hospitals in private sector on commission basis should be done away with.
Prof. Rajinder Bhandari in his keynote address stated that balanced diet, balanced & regular intake of food, regular exercise and above all a positive attitude were the main ingredients of good health. He stressed that instead of blaming others, everyone should take a vow to make one’s home completely neat and tidy, to keep aloof from intoxicants to speak, the truth and check pollution which will not only make them quiet fit but will also contribute to the health of the people.
Dr. N.S Malhi, Vice Chancellor urged upon the youth to take a leaf from the addresses of Prof. Bhandari and these experts and follow the same for not only their own growth but also for the sound health of their family, their state and their country as a whole. He particularly laid stress to keep absolutely away from the drugs and intoxicants.

Monday, October 21, 2013