HARYANA: New initiatives in power sector that will be taken in 2015-16

Chandigarh, May 7, 2015:  
Incentive on Advance Payment of Bill
It has been decided to introduce an incentive scheme for advance payment so as to have rebate in the electricity bills.
Under the scheme, the DISCOMs will pay an incentive of four per cent on every bill to the consumers who will pay advance electricity bills equivalent to 120 per cent of the amount of previous one year electricity bills.
In addition to the above incentive, the consumer will also be given interest on advance payment.
Solar Rooftop Net Metering System
The DISCOMs will introduce a new “Solar Rooftop Net Metering System”. With the launch of the scheme, the people of State will now get a chance to generate solar energy, which will allow them to adjust their regular power bills against the solar power generated by them.
System will cut down power bills and save money as well as electricity. Bills will be issued after adjustment of power generated and power used. The unique facility of banking surplus power with Haryana Discoms and then using it when needed can result in reduction in one's electricity bill.
Under this scheme, the maximum rooftops solar system capacity to be installed at any consumer premises shall not exceed his connected load in case of Low tension connection and contract demand in case of High tension connection.
The State Government shall provide financial assistance at a rate of 40 per cent of the cost of system to the beneficiaries (including financial incentive being provided by Ministry of Renewable Energy, GOI under JNNSM i.e. if 30 per cent financial assistance is provided by MNRE, then additional 10 per cent shall be provided from Green Energy fund). / (SK Vyas, jalandhar)
Thursday, May 7, 2015