Has Capt Amarinder Singh lost hope of winning assembly elections in Punjab?


Ludhiana, August 22, 2016: Perhaps the PPCC (Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee) president Capt Amarinder Singh has lost the hope of winning forthcoming assembly elections to be held in 2017 on his own. This is why he is now looking for “all-parties front” to form “anti-Badal alliance” against Badal-led government in Punjab.
It was on Sunday (August 21, 2016) when while talking to the media persons in Pandhwa village (Phagwara), he made an appeal to all “secular parties”, to come together to uproot the ruling SAD-BJP alliance in Punjab. The parties to whom he made this appeal included Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Communist Parties in the state.
Political observers strongly believed that perhaps Capt Amarinder Singh had arrived at a decision that he and his party alone was not “sufficient” to give “fight” to the SAD-BJP combine in the Punjab assembly elections to be held in 2017. They further believed that the yesterday’s statement of Capt Amarinder categorically showed that he felt “demoralised” to some extent. Had this not been there then he should not have made such an appeal. Rather, Capt Amarinder should have given an indication that he and his party (Congress) were capable and sufficient to defeat the ruling Badals.
Further, political observers say that such statements being given by Capt Amarinder would not serve any purpose either to him or Congress. Rather, an adverse message would go to the party’s rank and file. Interestingly, he had made a similar appeal in the last assembly elections also and Congress had met with the defeat. At that time, BSP had contested on all the 117 assembly constituencies in Punjab and CPM had not acceded to his appeal. It was the only CPI that had agreed to his appeal.
The yesterday’s statement made by Capt Amarinder categorically indicates that Congress itself has lost its “capabilities” to fight against the ruling alliance. Perhaps, Capt Amarinder has forgotten that there was the time when there had been direct fight between the Congress and the Akali Dal in Punjab. Either the Congress or the Akalis had been slating the victory in elections. Has the past time gone? This question arises when Capt Amarinder tries to trigger the gun on the shoulder of other political parties (anti-Badal).
Political observers strongly believed that Capt Amarinder must introspect before assembly elections otherwise he will be the loser before beginning of the “fight”. He must prove to the party rank and file and also the masses that the Congress itself was “stronger enough” to give crushing defeat to its political opponents whether the SAD-BJP combine or the AAP in Punjab. He must keep in mind that only two wrestlers join the “akhara” to go for “fight” (contest) at a time.

Monday, August 22, 2016