HeyBnb, a Leading Alternate Stays Online Marketplace Launches “Groupify” to Target the Explosive Group Traveler Segment


Bangalore, April 20, 2017: With the Indian alternate stays market growing geometrically on an annual basis and the number of India Nationals travelling abroad also increasing at a record pace, HeyBnb, the leading Alternate Stays booking platform in India for in country and outbound accommodations, has launched “Groupify” –customized experiences to guests traveling in groups of 4 to 10. Through this unique focus on Group Stays, HeyBnb promises not only the most competitive offers and options for group travel but also a dedicated “virtual front desk” for customer support and service. To date, India has not seen a service provider specializing in providing accommodation for groups.

Through market studies and customer feedback, HeyBnb realized that accommodations for groups are often inconvenient for the members of the group due to separate hotel rooms, with very strict rules and regulations by the hotels and resorts and high costs which keeps multiplying as the number of people in the group increases. This applies to not only multigenerational trips by families but also wedding groups and friends travelling with each other. HeyBnb now offers in India and major international cities group accommodations in alternate stays which are much more affordable and convenient to the guests with a lot of independence and freedom to stay together in a single property. “It became clear to us that there was a huge demand in India and throughout Southeast Asia for friends and families to travel in groups whether in India or abroad. Groupify makes this a reality in a seamless fashion,” said Kenny Blatt, Co-Founder of HeyBnb.

HeyBnb now offers its travelers unique villas and bungalows, tents, cottages, camps, chalets, multi room apartments and more providing a new and unique experience to the people travelling in groups across the globe. The group stays has a huge demand in the corporate sector as well which often faces a lot of problems in terms of high costs which result in shorter trips. HeyBnb promises a solution to these groups by providing an affordable as well as unique stay experience. “Many C level executives at times want to take family members and extend stays and Groupify allows them to do so,” said Kenny

HeyBnb, through its promotions, firmly believes in the old concept of travelling with extended families and Groupify addresses this need head on. The company is also promoting the re-union of old friends and celebrates the spirit of friendship through its specially launched hashtag of “#Groupify.”

So, go ahead and let your family reunions, wedding get-togethers, friends travelling together to catch up, all happen with HeyBnb and Groupify!

Thursday, April 20, 2017