Dr.Harinder Singh Bedi.

LUDHIANA, APRIL 20, 2017: Dr.Harinder Singh Bedi, Chairman Cardio-Vascular, Endovascular & Thoracic Department of Ludhiana Mediways Hospital saved an 11 year old boy’s leg through a high-tech endovascular surgery (that requires great precision and expertise) in Ludhiana on 18th April, 2017. Mayank, (name changed) a Ludhiana based 11 year old boy had a large malformation of blood vessels on the back of his left leg, which was causing severe pain and was in danger of rupture and bleeding. When the young patient’s parents took him to Dr.H.S.Bedi in Ludhiana Mediways Hospital, the renowned Cardio-Vascular & Endovascular surgeon discovered after examination and thorough investigation that Mayank’s leg as well as his life was in imminent danger as the blood-vessel malformation could burst any time leading to massive bleeding.

Dr. H.S. Bedi, who is a pioneer in Heart and Vascular Surgery and has worked in reputed hospitals like the Escorts Heart Institute, Delhi and ‘The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children’ in Sydney, Australia stated, “The challenge in Mayank’s case was that performing a direct surgery for removing the mass of malformed blood vessels would have resulted in very high loss of blood. Therefore, we planned a technique of targeting the lesion from inside the blood vessel (endovascular embolization). “This technique needs a very high level of expertise and also requires extremely high-tech machines as the blood vessels are very small and need to be visualized,” informed Dr. Bedi.

Dr. H.S. Bedi, who is an innovator of some special Cardiac and Vascular Surgeries like beating heart surgery and arterial bypass surgery remarked, “We used a special imaging technique called DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography). Using special micro catheters, the patient’s lesion was treated without surgery. Since the procedure was non- operative, there was no blood loss, no hospitalisation and the recovery was quick. Now, Mayank is pain free and is able to carry out his normal activities.”

Dr HS Bedi, Faculty of some important Endovascular Conferences and one of the earliest members of the Vascular Societies of India informed, “The incidence of arterio-venous malformations (malformation of blood vessels) in India is one in 100,000 people and its cause is usually not known. Endovascular technique used for treating such problems is relatively new, about a decade old. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is progressing day by day.”

Thursday, April 20, 2017