Himachal BJP MPs hail government decision of raising support price of Kharif crop by 1.5 times


Dharamshala, July 4, 2018: Himachal BJP MPs from Kangra, Shanta Kumar and Anurag Thakur hail the government decision of raising the support price of Kharif crop by 1.5 times.
Ex-CM Himachal Pradesh Shanta Kumar said, “It is a historic, bold and unprecedented step of the Modi government, to permanently solve the price related problems of the farmers. I must congratulate the Centre government for it.”
Shanta Kumar further said that it was the bad luck of the country that even after 70 years of Independence the belly feeder of the Nation, our farmer was being forced to suicide due to his poverty. The government has taken the right step towards fulfilling its promise to double the income of the farmers.
Shanta Kumar said, “I hope that the governments in the states will implement this as a whole in their states.”
Anurag Thakur, BJP MP from Hamirpur said, “It is a wonderful step of Modi government to improve the living conditions of Indian farmers. The farmer of the country is the power of the nation, and the PM Narendra Modi is coming out daily with such schemes to strengthen the hands of the farmers. It was announced by the Finance Minister in his budget scheme to raise the farmers’ income by 1.5 times, which is finalised in cabinet today.”
He added, “UPA government provided Rs.1,21,082 for agriculture during 2009-2014 whereas the present government made it to Rs 2.11.694 to increase it by 74.5%. The government of India has now made provision of Rs.14.34 lakh crore to double the income of the farmers and to develop the infrastructure of the rural sector by 2022.”

Wednesday, July 4, 2018