Himachal News- HRTC travellers to not effect by 30 % bus fare increase: Bali


Himachal Pradesh Transport Minister G S Bali addressing the media persons at Dharamsala on Sunday.

City Air News photo: Author.

Dharamsala, October 6, 2013: The government has reduced the lowest fare from Rs.5 to Rs.3 on public demand, the fare was increased recently to 30 %, irritated the general public.  

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, Himachal Pradesh Transport Minister G S Bali announced several other concessions for people travelling in various group categories in HRTC buses. In two new projects have been undertaken by HRTC,  Green Card holders travelling from 40 to 60 kilometers a day will receive 30 percent discount. Senior citizens under the scheme will be given 20 percent off on a journey of 40 kilometers or above. Smart Card holders will receive a 10 percent discount on all trips in HRTC buses. Apart from Shimla, Express non-stop bus service would be started for all districts with a luxury facilities and ordinary fare.

The minister said , “The state government have  submitted to the Central plan better transport facilities in the state , a proposal have been sent for  1103 new buses  and 475 crore package.”

The ministry has further plan to improved bus stands, parking and shopping centers.

He added the state government will give another help of Rs 25 crore above present Rs 175 crore on subsidised food grains under the scheme in view of the rising prices. He said that with this help general class of people is going to be benefited. Fair price shops in the state, which are nearly 4 thousand in numbers, are being provided computerised registration numbers so as to keep an eye on them directly. “Officers have also been instructed for surprise inspections of these fair price shops,” said minister. He said that the fair price shops have instructed to display the stock position daily in their shops.  He said those shopkeepers weighing less will not be spared. www.cityairnews.com

Sunday, October 6, 2013