Hope Champions – Survivors of battle against Cancer in city honored by Cancer Therapy Centre


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Mumbai,  January 14, 2016 :  After having successfully treated over 2000 cancer patients,   the Cancer Therapy Centre – unit of International Oncology Services at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai on Wednesday for the first time honored those Hope Champions – who bravely fought the battle against cancer with strong determination and now leading their normal life. 
The Hope Champions - survivors scattered across city and even out of city who attended this gathering specially arranged by ‘International Oncology Services’ expressed their gratitude and thanked Doctors, Nurses and supporting staff  at the Hospital. One of the survivors Ms. Kavita Garg while sharing his experience said “I am grateful to the team of Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncologists who worked cohesively to ensure I lead a normal life. Looking back, I couldn’t have done it without all the staff be it the technologists, nurses who held my hand throughout this tumultuous journey”.
While addressing the gathering Dr Rajen Ghadiok - CEO of International Oncology Services Pvt Ltd (IOSPL) said  “today we all at Cancer Therapy Centre feel happy and content that our  best in world class infrastructure and technology with internationally trained and experienced  cancer experts for compassionate care  with seamless, integrated  and multi- disciplinary approach to cancer  treatment is showing the desired result i. e.  putting smile back on the faces of patients who trusted and allowed us to serve them with best of our techniques and expertise.  It is said that Cancer is a decease of losing battle with little or no hopes to live but fighting spirit of  these 2000 plus Hope Champions have today  proved it wrong and that has motivated us further to serve still better to the victims of cancer in future”.
Replying to the query Dr Sujit Chatterjee – CEO of Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital “In the treatment of cancer what matters most is an early detection/diagnosis and timely rounds of treatments. This ensures faster recovery and enhance the chances of complete cure and survival. The therapy centre at Hiranandani Hospital ensures this. Well, I am attached to many hospitals in city but the facilities and efficiency that Cancer Therapy Centre at Hiranandani Hospital provides is commendable and at par with TMH ”.
Other senior dignitaries present at this gala event and interacted with audience include Dr Wasim Phoplunkar and Dr Adesh Patil.  
Thursday, January 14, 2016