Hyderabad based doctorpreneurs’ start-up QuriosEaty Food Chain launches “QuriosHaleem”


(L to R) Chakradhar Konejeti,Founder & CEO ,Subba Raju Perricherla,Sheshagiri Gedela.

Hyderabad, May 11, 2018 Hyderabad’s doctorpreneurs’ start-up QuriosEaty launches “QuriosHaleem”, a signature product for this Ramzan Season.

Hyderabadi specialty so good that hardcore foodies make the pilgrimage to Hyderabad just to savor its rich flavors. Over INR 600crore worth Haleem was sold last year. And it is exported to nearly 50 countries.

Few hundred years old Arab Cuisine has grown so much so that it has become everyone’s favorite dish notwithstanding the religion, creed or caste. Haleem, a porridge-like dish made of wheat, lentils, and meat, has become so popular among the Hyderabadis that even the city's signature biryani takes a backseat in favor of Haleem during the Ramazan.

Taking the popularity of the Haleem into consideration, KLCP Healthy Foods Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of KLCP Holdings has come out with this product.

Hyderabad based startup, set up by a group of Doctors and Hotel Management Professionals set up an year ago. KLCP Healthy Foods Pvt. Ltd Is the subsidiary of KLCP Holdings. A hygienically prepared healthy, nutritious and tasty dish will be prepared by professional chefs and validated by nutritionists. “QuriosHaleem” is the new product offering from the company for this Ramzaan Festive Season. Packaging is essential for preserving food quality, minimizing food waste and reducing preservatives used in food. If your products are not packaged properly, the packaging process can become a source of contamination or compromise.We are also working with a reputed Packaging organization to enhance the standards of packing.

The most preferred dish to break the fast with because of its high nutritional value and soothing porridge-like texture, QuriosHaleem will be sold through its select 12 outlets in and around Kukatpally, Miyapur, Nizampet. And will also be sold throughout the city through outsourced distribution channel.

A “Food Survey on Haleem”, every Hyderabadis’ favorite dish was carried out to coincide with the launch by QuriosEaty to understand the product, consumer preferences etc. The Survey was conducted by 14 number of MBA Students of IBS Bangalore during the period of two weeks in India’s best city for Haleem, Hyderabad.

The survey findings were revealed at the press conference.

Divulging the findings, Mr. SubbaRaju Pericherla informed that the findings of the survey are very interesting and informative. Also mentioned our group is very excited to launch the most preferred dish of Hyderabad.

Dr. Suresh Kamireddy, MD of the group added that a high calorie dish, Hyderabadi Haleem is an Arab delicacy. It is regarded as an international delicacy. The dish is consumed at celebratory events such as weddings. It is consumed during Ramzan.In Hyderabad Ramzan is synonymous with Hyderabadi Haleem. Haleem produced in Hyderabad is exported to 50 countries. Nearly Rs. 500 crores worth Haleem is sold every year in the city. It employs nearly 25000 people in the preparation and sale. The specialist chefs are paid salaries in excessive of Rs. one lakh per month plus fringe benefits. Nearly 8000 eateries sell Haleem in the city.

The pricing of the product as informed by Mr. Chakdradhar, CEO of KLCP Health Foods is priced reasonably at Rs. 160

We are exploring many unconventional distribution and retailing channels apart from existing outlets like Kiosks and Resellers combination

We hope to sell units of 50000Haleem during this festive season. We are also working to add many other innovative to our product portfolio, added Chakradhar.

Haleem is the only dish in the city that sells maximum in the shortest time span.

Haleem is a mouth-watering dish mostly available during Ramzan. But, we wanted to change and make it available all through the year, Dr. Suresh informed. We are also working with a reputed Packaging organization in India to increase the longevity/shelf life of the Haleem.

Friday, May 11, 2018