IDPD endorses statement of former Chief of Army on proposed nuclear power plant at Fatehabad


Ludhiana, August 2, 2012: The Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) has endorsed the statement of General V. K. Singh, former Chief of Army, on proposed nuclear power plant at Fatehabad (Haryana).

In a joint statement here today, the IDPD president Dr. Arun Mitra and general secretary Dr. LS Chawla said IDPD had been firm in its opposition to the nuclear power plants as they were neither safe nor economical. Any serious accident in these plants could be fatal as had been in the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear accidents, he believed.

“India has the potential of renewable resources available 90313 Mega Watts (Wind Power 54%, Small Hydro 17% Cogeneration Bagasse 25%, Waste to Energy 4%) as per energy statistics 2011 by the Centre”, they said.

Adding, they said in addition the nation had Solar Energy Potential of 50,000 Mega Watts, while only 22,500 Mega Watts was being utilised till date. With more R & D on renewable resources their capacity and utilisation could be increased further, they said.

Finally, they said it was high time the government revoked its decision to install nuclear plant in Gorakhpur.