If you are talking about the original Aladdin, of course Aladdin and Genie are my favorites: Smita Bansal (Ammi)


Q: What is the concept of the show Aladdin? Can you give us a background?

Smita: Aladdin is a concept that no one needs a background for. It is something everyone has grown knowing about. It is, of course, a fantasy show, so whenever we talk about it, characters like Genie and Jasmine come to our minds immediately. We have almost the same characters, but this is not the Aladdin we have witnessed throughout. We have added many colours and emotions with a modern twist. There is a fun approach to it. Certainly, all age groups will enjoy watching Aladdin.

Q: Tell us something about your character on the show? How will your character be quirky yet relatable to all Sony SAB viewers?

Smita: Honestly, taking up the role of playing Aladdin’s mother is a challenge for me. She is quirky and a drama ‘wala’ character.

Q: What made you give a nod to Aladdins mom’s on the show?

Smita: My biggest reason for saying yes to Aladdin were my daughters. They were excited when they heard about me being approached to play Aladdin’s mom. It is a show that they would love to watch. My daughters have not seen much of me on TV because I have not done the kind of shows they watch, but Aladdin is something they are super excited about. My daughters have already told their friends that their mom was acting in Aladdin.

Q: Did you undergo any special preparation for your role?

Smita: We did many workshops before shooting for Aladdin. I am not comfortable with comedy like I am with emotions, so it is a genre in which I also need to work a lot. I can actually sleep and walk with emotions, but that is not the case with comedy.

Q: How is this show different from the classic Arabian Nights?

Smita: Like I said, it is different from the classic Arabian nights. Though the characters are similar but when you watch the show, you will realize that they not only have a different approach but are quirky too. The biggest USP for Aladdin is that it is apt for all age groups.

Q: How was your experience working on a show like Aladdin?

Smita: We started shooting recently. There is a lot of stress at the initial phase of every show. Everything comes on track after one or two months of shooting, so we all are working hard at this phase of the show.

Q: Who is your favorite among all the characters in Aladdin?

Smita: If you are talking about the original Aladdin, of course Aladdin and Genie are my favorites because everyone wishes to have a Genie by their side. Right now, Aladdin is my favorite.

Friday, August 10, 2018