Increasing Bad Loans in PSBs is a matter of serious concern: Com Naresh Gaur


Ludhiana, April 20, 2017: Every year, 20th April is a special day for all of us because it is the red letter day in our movement and our beloved AIBEA was born on the day in 1946. AIBEA is completing 71 year of its existence after passing through its Silver jubilee, Golden Jubilee and Diamond Jubilee, it is a great occasion for all of us. Punjab Bank Employees Federation (Ludhiana Unit) held Blood Donation Camp at Punjab Trade Centre, Opposite Manju Cinema, Industrial Area 1-B, Adjoining State Bank of India, Miller Ganj Branch, Ludhiana. 82 bank employees donated blood on this day.

Com.S.K.Gautam, Joint Secretary AIBEA & General Secretary, Punjab Bank Employees Federation inaugurated the Blood Donation Camp. Com. Naresh Gaur, Dy. Secretary and other prominent leaders of Punjab Bank Employees Federation were also present on this occasion.

While congratulating the bank employees on the 72nd Foundation Day of AIBEA, Com. S.K.Gautam said that on this momentous occasion, we greet all our members, who form the very foundation of our organisation. It is the unity of the bank employees, their sacrifices, love, loyalty, convictions, commitment and faith in the banner of AIBEA that has enabled our flag to fly higher and higher. This mighty edifice of AIBEA has been built up in the last seven decades inch by inch with the sweat and toil of the bank employees, spread-out from the metropolitan cities to the remotest rural areas. Through this unique unity of the rank & file membership, their ever-preparedness for struggles and deeply committed leadership, AIBEA has crossed several milestones in the last seven decades. Today, when we are celebrating the 71st Anniversary, many of these great leaders like Com Prabhat Kar, Com Parvana, Com. Tarakeswar Chakraborti and so many such illustrious leaders who had built up our AIBEA are not with us. When we are celebrating the 71st Anniversary, the bipartite machinery has been continued and collective bargaining has been further strengthened because of the total unity of bank employees under the banner of UFBU. But even today, managements are attempting to bypass the unions and bilateral talks and there are also increasing attacks on our wages and service conditions. There attempts of unilateralism. Thus, we shall celebrate the 71st Anniversary amidst achievements and challenges.

AIBEA has played a stellar role in transforming the lives and living conditions of the bank employees as well as in enabling the banking sector to play a pivotal role in national development. AIBEA has remained a shining star in the comity of the trade unions in our country.

While addressing Com. Naresh Gaur, Dy. Secretary, PBEF said that All India Bank Employees Association, the largest and oldest trade union of bank employees in our country, has been harping on the menace of increasing bad loans in the Banks for the past more than 25 years. While AIBEA is not unaware that there would be cases of loan default due to genuine reasons, it has been our experience that high volume loan defaults have been developed into an exquisite art in our country. Otherwise how one can explain that when the loan is on default and the industry is sick, the industrialist continuous to be pretty rich and healthy. The cases of genuine default of loan for reasons beyond the control of the borrower or industrialist is understandable and they are also not much in number. But the spurt in bad loans in the Banks in the last few years is alarmingly on the rise indicating something is basically wrong.
Increasing Bad Loans in PSBs is a matter of serious concern. There seems to be some clear method in this madness of bulging bad loans in the Banks. From AIBEA, we have also been demanding that not only their names should be published but willful default should be defined as criminal offence and criminal action should be taken on these defaulters. But in many cases we find that such borrowers are able to manage restructuring of their loans and escape public notice. We are of the strong view that in most of the cases involving the big ticket defaulters, there is lethargy, leniency and accommodation but when it comes to the common man, our experience is different. Atleast what is sauce for the goose must be for the gander too. Unless strong action is taken on the defaulters, this daylight robbery would continue. We all know that donation of blood is a social cause. This is also for the society in which we live. Our struggles and sacrifices are not only for bank employees but also for the people of this society. It is of utmost importance to save one's live who is in need of blood. It is never going to be wasted. Its gives life to someone.
Com. Parveen Moudgil, Vice President, Com. Jarnail Singh, Com. Balwant Rai, Com. Ashok Malhan, Com. Narkesar Rai, Zonal Secretaries and Com. Rajwinder Singh, CC Member PBEF were also present on this occasion.

Thursday, April 20, 2017