Indian Polo Association and Pro Sportify Ventures Announces Indian Arena Polo League


New Delhi, February 10, 2019: The Indian Polo Association and Pro Sportify Ventures today announces the Indian Arena Polo League, starting September 2019. On the occasion of the Cavalry Gold Cup, chief of Army staff, President of IPA, General Bipin Rawat and the QMG Lt.Gen Amre, chief steward and Vice President of IPA met Mr.Kartikeya Sharma, Founder and promoter of Pro Sportify ventures and jointly made this announcement. During the ceremony, the chief of Army staff, President of IPA, Gen.Bipin Rawat handed over the ceremonial Arena Polo ball to Mr.Kartikeya Sharma to signify that now Pro Sportify Ventures will carry it forward.

The Indian Arena Polo League will be played between 6 teams in the arena polo format which is a short format of the game and will showcase the fast paced and exciting blend of professional polo, there will be both Indian and International players participating in the game. The arena polo format is a shorter form of polo with small ground, colored clothing and played with bigger sized balls. The Polo league will be an ideal mix of sport, fashion and lifestyle.

Speaking at the announcement of Indian Arena Polo League, Col. Ravi Rathore, VSM, Honorary Secretary from Indian Polo Association said “We are happy to announce the Indian Arena Polo League, we have been working closely with Pro Sportify Ventures, as they have been doing a stellar job in growing and promoting professional sports in India. This will be another feather in their cap and I congratulate Mr. Kartikeya Sharma for its vision, passion and commitment.”

Speaking at the event, Mr. Kartikeya Sharma, Founder and Promoter, Pro Sportify Ventures, said “Polo in India has been synonymous with royalty, Patrons of Polo across the globe will now have a chance to own Polo teams in the Indian arena Polo League and be a part of a new emerging sports and lifestyle business.”

Sunday, February 10, 2019