INITIATIVE: ACCI Chamber starts building PCR halt


Ludhiana, October 19, 2012: Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Punjab) president PD Sharma in a statement heretoday said chamber was the first organisation to activate PCR scheme in Ludhiana by providing first batch of motor cycles. The move caught on and it is now working full fledged.

The scheme is very crucial for maintaining law and order in this growing town. Every scheme has to be kept alive by adding new dimension in order to make the scheme more effective and accountable Chamber is starting new phase on the suggestion of police officials. Officials of PCR have no proper place to take rest during their constant movement. They halt at places according to their convenience to take rest or have refreshment which are essential.

In order to discipline the official of the PCR, Chamber has started building PCR halt to begin with two such halts are being built in phase VIII & IV Focal point Ludhiana. Other organization will build such halts at different places in the city. The PCR halts will serve multi purposes the community –police relationship will be strengthened as police officers have such places to address the local population.PCR halts are provided with all reasonable comfort with lock and key arrangement. The particular areas around such halts will be under intense watch by officials of the PCR.                     

Friday, October 19, 2012