INITIATIVE BY CITY AIR NEWS READER: Paid parking or paid water-body?


Ludhiana, August 13, 2012: Whenever a person looks at Feroze Gandhi, Ludhiana after rain, he is compelled to think whether this parking is paid or paid water-body.

This parking is allotted to a private contractor in crores of rupees after auction. And everybody who parks his vehicle here, has to pay the fixed charges.

One of the City Air News readers Sanjay Goel, a local architect, took an initiative to click photograph after rain today and emailed it to City Air News Office for publication.

Goel remarked that the parking actually looked as “paid water-body instead of paid parking”.

Adding, Goel said, “We do not know that whether we are highly paying daily for good surface parking or for parking in water body during rains”.

He regretted that it was a big challenge, to enter or leave, luxurious car. He asserted that solving existing problems of City was as important as starting new projects for city.

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Monday, August 13, 2012