Interactive and eye opening session & factory visit held by CICU

Interactive and eye opening session & factory

Ludhiana, November 8, 2019: Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU) Ludhiana president Upkar Singh Ahuja and general secretary Pankaj Sharma jointly said that Industry is passing through crucial time and need of the hour is to adopt modern techniques for cost saving.
Many of the industries in India irrespective of the scale, are far away from this level of technology. The session was held by Sunil Jha, professor, Mechanical Engineering Department. IIT Delhi and Anuj Wadhwa, Director, Automation Industry Association, New Delhi and was attended by the senior management of various industries. It was an eye opening session.
Dr Jha briefed about the concept of Industry 4.0 and showed the real facts on the Lab they have set in IIT Delhi to the level and showed how they have made the machines to interact with the remote computers and commanded the machines sitting in Ludhiana. Real time videos were shown to see the machine accepting the command and started producing the demanded parts. He even showed that maintenance of the machines can also be taken care remotely. Besides this many important information like OEE and Quality parameters etc can also be collected for various analysis.
The experts Dr.Jha and Anuj also visited few factories to study the deployment of Automation Techniques.
CICU will further form a group and plans to start certified courses for automation and Lean Manufacturing. During 7th Machma Expo 2019 being held from 6-9 December’2019 at Glada Ground, Ludhiana. Many companies will exhibit products for low cost automation which would helpful for the Industry.

Friday, November 8, 2019