International Conference Asian Network for Natural and Unnatural Materials at Panjab University


Chandigarh, March 1, 2015: Eminent National and International experts of respective specialties of Chemistry today delivered 14 talks at the international Conference Asian Network for Natural and Unnatural Materials (ANNUM-3) at Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh.

The international conference Annum is being organised by the PU,Department of Chemistry. The second day of ANNUM-3 witnessed many colours of chemistry blended together in perfect ratios to bring out a beautiful picture, which added to the knowledge of each participant.

Former Director of Bose Institute, Kolkata Prof. Parul Chakarbarti delivered a scintillating talk on the "Approaches towards TB control- from lab to clinic". She elaborated upon cost effective cure for the poor and stressed upon early detection of the disease for complete remedy.

Prof John Stride from Australia gave a new dimension to Neutron Scattering - A Chemist's tool. His talk centred on the fundamental nature of molecular and molecule-based materials particularly materials displaying novel magnetic interactions,nano-materials and the interactions between molecules in the solid state. Synthesis of fused dimericfavanoid Natural products and their biological activities were elaboratedupon by Prof Naresh Kumar from UNSW, Australia.

Throwing light on the need to save the environment, Director, Institute of Nanoscience & Technology, Mohali, Prof A.K Ganguli delivered a talk on "Design of nanostructures for energy and environmental applications." The day ended with poster session where 126 posters by the young scientists from different parts of the nation were displayed reflecting bright scientific future of India. / (SK Vyas/Jalandhar)

Sunday, March 1, 2015