Is it financially viable to rent furniture?


A house is incomplete without furniture. It is necessary to have furniture for every house otherwise it makes no sense of complete living. Furniture adds to the beauty of the interiors of the house and of course, fulfill the basic needs. The trend of renting furniture is emerging these days. The trend of renting clothes and jewellery was always there but this idea of renting furniture is new. Clothes are rented for many occasions and so are jewellery for events like wedding, dance and other events etc. These days the idea of renting furniture has also gained traction. 


As it is known that the cost of the quality furniture is not very affordable, especially when it comes to stylish and designed furniture. At the same time, they are not very easily movable. This means that if you shift to a new house then it becomes a heavy burden to move the furniture. It takes a lot of money as transportation cost along with the packing charges. This shifting becomes even more troublesome when it is from one city to another. The prices become double and the chances of breakage and damage also double. Therefore, Renting home furniture in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and other cities has now gained popularity. 


Everything has its pros and cons. So this trend of renting furniture also has its pros and cons, which is necessary for everybody to know. Apart from all the benefits and disadvantages, it is very crucial to know whether this idea of renting furniture is viable economically or not. Some of the pros and cons of renting furniture are being discussed below. The economic viability of renting furniture has also been discussed below.


 What are the pros of renting furniture?

Renting furniture is in fashion because they have some benefits and that is why the demand for rented furniture has increased so much. Some of the major advantages of renting furniture are being mentioned here.


Rented furniture is cost effective. When you have to buy furniture online for your room/home, one should be prepared to spend a considerable amount on quality furniture. But if you manage to arrange rented furniture, then you can get them at a very low price. So if you do not want to spend a huge sum of money on buying furniture and at the same time enjoy the luxuries of them then rented furniture is a good idea. 


Rented furniture is not a personal asset. Hence there is no need to worry about its maintenance. You can use it according to your need with maintenance being taken care of by the rental company

With the rented furniture you do not have to bother about its setting and relocations. It is all done by the companies and you do not need to hire anyone to set them up.


For a short period, these rented furniture make life easier. You can just rent furniture and use them for the time being and when you have to leave the house or shift, you can get over them easily without bothering about their shifting and all. 


What are the cons of renting furniture?

Following are the cons of renting furniture:


If you have got rented furniture then you have to bear the expenses of the damages that you do to it. 


With rented furniture, you don’t get the same feeling as that of owning it, as it is not a personal investment.


You don’t have many options in rented furniture as you have in shops for new furniture.

Hence, based on their preferences, one can rent home furniture in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi or any city.  This is flexible and viable step for those who have often travel in work and for students as well. 

Friday, September 27, 2019