Ivyians celebrate a hopeful future

Ivyians celebrate a hopeful future

Parents taking pledge to save the earth.

Jalandhar, December 3, 2019: Ivy World School under the aegis of Vasal Education Society organized a class presentation of Grade 3 “A Hope for Earth” today.
The students started the program with a warm welcome of the parents .The children conveyed the message to save the Earth through series of heart touching performances ranging from a mime, dances and songs about this burning social issue. The event culminated with a vow to make this planet a better place to live and the national anthem.
The principal Mrs S. Chauhan applauded the effort of the new presentation to create hope and awareness. The President of Vasal educational Society, Shiri K K Vasal, The Chairman Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Vasal, The Director Mrs. Ena Vasal, and The CEO Mr. Raghav Vasal boosted the morale of students and praised their efforts.
The event culminated with national anthem.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019