ixigo Integrates 30K, World's Leading Frequent Flyer Benefits Provider


Flight travellers can now access all frequent flyer benefits in one place with ixigo

New Delhi, June 14, 2018: ixigo, India’s leading travel marketplace, has announced the integration of 30K, a leading provider of frequent flyer benefits for over a 100 airlines and frequent flyer programs, on its platform. ixigo will now compute frequent flyer miles for each flight search, to enable a seamless travel experience. Travellers can now get information about travel class upgrade and enjoy benefits including lounge access, priority lanes and preferred seating, etc. via ixigo.

To simplify the process, ixigo will now show travellers how many miles they can earn on each flight booking with various frequent flyer program memberships. It’s useful not only for frequent flyers who have accumulated a lot of miles and benefits to take advantage of, but also for travellers who are still building up their miles and points with selective options.

Commenting on this integration, ixigo CTO & Co-Founder, Rajnish Kumar said, “Our core audience consists of frequent flyers, who are largely members of various airline loyalty programs. Owing to the integration of 30K with ixigo, travellers will be able to seamlessly access all their frequent flyer membership benefits in one place. At ixigo, we continue to work towards simplifying the life of travellers with ongoing innovations and developments.”

Adding to this, Alex Jawad, CEO & Co-Founder of 30K, said, “Frequent flyers spend most on travel out of any traveller type. It makes sense to provide them with a shopping experience that informs them about things they care about rather than a long list of commoditized airfare, offered to everyone and no-one at the same time. We are pleased to partner with ixigo to provide this for their users.”

Thursday, June 14, 2018