Jai Ram Government must issue white paper on global investors' meet: Bali


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Dharamshala, November 9, 2019: As soon as global investors' meet has completed, former minister GS Bali started pulling the Jai Ram government. He directly asked the Chief Minister that the idea of bringing new investment is good, but before that was the government tried to know the condition of already established industries in the state.

He said that did current government tried to find out that why organizations like Wipro and TVS which already established here, not attend this meet. He also asked the Chief Minister that even if he kept doing road shows abroad, would he like tell why the Indian houses of Reliance, Tata and Mahendra did not come Dharamshala's Global Investors' Meet.

Bali alleged that the state has neither a land bank nor sufficient power infrastructure to give nor water as per the need of the new investors. He said that first the infrastructure needed to be given to the investor should be built, after which the Indian and foreign investors should be called to this meet . Bali further said that already established industrial houses in the state should have been called as the brand ambassadors of this meet, who could satisfied new people about the facilities HP Government are providing to investors.

GS Bali arrived in Dharamshala directly by air from Delhi today was addressing a press conference here ,asked CM Jairam Thakur if this time the CM has asked the Gods and Goddesses of the state, if they have any problem with the new projects. Bali said, “When a project like ski village came in congress lead government, Jay Ram Thakur was an MLA at that time, and he protested against it in the name of gods and goddesses.”

Congress leader Bali said that nothing new is there in this Investors Meet, since a lot of investors came out , where also came during the Congress rule, so nothing new. Bali said that the government should first clear about the available land bank to set up the industries and also should clarify about amended section 118.

He asked the government to issue a white paper on this event, that how much and where was the money spent in this program and how much investment is coming on the ground in the true sense. Bali says that the Chief Minister himself believes that the signed 93 thousand crores of MoUs does not mean that this money will definitely will come to state . Bali also said that there have been reports that many of the guests were neither got seats nor did they got food during the meet, while thousands of party activists enjoyed the feast, which was not at all meant for them.

He said, “Some industries wish to set doesn't have any scope of jobs for Himachalis, in such a situation, what investment will the current government be bringing for the unemployed Himachali who have crossed the 10 lakh mark? On the other hand, the state government is constantly running on loan.” Bali said that the Jai Ram government has taken new loan of 4000 crores so far, in that case the government itself is not in a position to give any jobs.

Bali said, “ Hydro projects will be set up either in Himachal or in Arunachal and in this case the investment of hydro sector will come here. The government has not done a big achievement . At the same time, no work is being done towards the expansion of the rail route and the airport. With the help of assurances only , the people of the state are being encouraged.”

District President Kangra Suman Verma, State Congress Secretary Ajay Verma, Block Congress Nagrota President Man Singh, Suresh Pappi, Vijay Indra Karan and other Congress officials and workers were present on the occasion.

Saturday, November 9, 2019