Kamna Raj Aggarwal speaks on Social Entrepreneurship Model

Talk on social Entrepreneurship

Mrs.Kamna Raj Aggarwal, Marketing Director, GDPA fasteners during an event held at KMV, Jalandhar on Wednesday.

Jalandhar, October 28, 2015: KMV-The Heritage Institution, Jalandhar’s PG Department of Commerce & Business Administration organised an extension lecture on Entrepreneurship development. The resource person for the same was Mrs.Kamna Raj Aggarwal, Marketing Director, GDPA fasteners. During the lucid and interactive talk she gave a comprehensive knowledge about the ‘Social Entrepreneurship Model’ and its vast scope for all, especially women entrepreneurs. She also spoke about some significant issues which were of the special concern of women entrepreneurs. Her receptive nature charmed the young girls as she listened to their original creative entrepreneurial ideas with an open mind. She gave them various practical pointers and tips which could help to give shape to the new reality visualized by them, and hence transform the world of business and commerce. Principal Prof. Atima Sharma who graced the occasion with her benign presence observed that women had already made their mark in the world of business and with their dynamism and multifaceted personalities could perform multiple tasks and take marketing and business to new heights. She congratulated the Head, PG Dept. Of Commerce and Business Administration Mrs. Poonam Gupta and the faculty for organising a lecture on such a currently relevant topic. She advised the students to look beyond textbooks and broaden their horizons.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015