King Krishnadevraya becomes Lord Rama in Tenali Rama


Ramleela in Tenali Rama.

Tenali Rama is soaring high with popularity for its unique ways to solve problems across the Vijaynagar kindgdom. King Krishnadevraya doesn’t believe in upsetting his people and always find solution to their problem. When the troop who perform Ramleela could not reach Vijayanagar, the King himself decided to act in the mega play along with his ministers.
Every year Vijaynagar celebrates Dussera with a grand Ramleela performance. However, this year the crew which performs Ramleela get stuck due to floods in their region. King Krishnadevraya decides to perform and act in it himself and everyone gets excited. King Krishnadevraya (Manav Gohil) decides to play the role of Lord Rama (Krishna Bharadwaj) and Tenali Rama will be seen as Lord Hanuman. Tattacharya (Pankaj Berry) will play the role of Raavan. But now they need to find the sita.

Both the queens are excited to be Sita. However only one can become Sita. King Krishandevraya suggests that Rama should decide who will become Sita. Meanwhile, Rama gets to know that enemies have entered the kingdom and they are planning to kill the King. The entire Ramleela will probe threat to the life of King Krishnadevraya.
How will Rama solve Sita dilemma? Will Rama be able to save King Krishnadevraya from the enemies?
Commenting on his new avatar Manav Gohil said, “ I love it when I get to play multiple roles. This time I get to play the role of Rama but for which I had to sacrifice a lot. I had to remove my moustache for the role. Though the entire Ramleela experience is super fun.”
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Wednesday, October 4, 2017