Large tumour removed from 65-year-old woman's body


Ludhiana, January 11, 2017: In a rare surgery recently done at DMCH, a tumor weighing 18.5 kgs was removed by a team of surgeons from abdomen of 65-years old woman. The surgery was done under the guidance of Dr Prabhdeep S.Nain (Professor of Surgery).
According to Dr Nain, the size of tumor was 46cms x 34 cms. The patient was brought to the hospital with complaint of difficulty in breathing while moving around and had also gained gradual increase in weight over the past 2-3 months.
Patient was completely evaluated before getting him ready for the surgery. CT Scan of the patient showed large abdominal mass, which was extending over whole of abdomen.
The patient had earlier visited many other hospitals but could not get any satisfactory response. After undergoing surgery at DMCH, patients is now responding well and is fastly recovering.
Secretary of DMCH Managing Society-Sh Prem Kumar Gupta remarked that Department of Surgery at DMCH is committed to providing the highest level of surgical care to the people of region.
Principal Dr Sandeep Puri and Dr Jaspal Singh (Professor& Head of Surgery Department) congratulated the team of surgeons for this successful operation.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017