LAUNCH: Stemade launches city’s first dental stem cell banking facility


Shailesh Gadre; MD and CEO - Stemade Biotech and others addressing press conference at Ludhiana on Friday.

Ludhiana, January 18, 2013: Stem cells have the potential to treat serious degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, diabetes, muscular dystrophy and myocardial infarction. People often have loved ones, family members and friends who are facing serious ailments and have limited options available. With the discovery and advent of Dental Stem cells, tissue and organ related degenerative diseases (which account for majority of diseases that affect humans) have become potentially treatable.

In Ludhiana, Stemade Biotech has partneredwith Dr. Prof. Vivek Saggar’s – ‘Dental Care and Cure Centre’ and Dr. Prof. Vikas Jindal’s - ‘Jindal Smile Clinic’ to provide dental stem cell banking service by launching Stemade Connect Clinics (SCC). Stem cells have a defining property to self – regenerate which can be used to treat serious ailments. Unlike Bone marrow stem cells, extracting dental cells is a non-invasive procedure. Dental pulp contains stem cells, known as dental pulp stem cells. The finest Dental Pulp Stem Cells are found in the baby teeth or milk teeth. Dental stem cells can generate solid structures such as bone, new dental tissue, cartilage and muscle. 

Speaking on the occasion, Shailesh Gadre; MD and CEO - Stemade Biotech said, “After setting our operations in Metro cities in India, we are now looking to expand across the country. Our aim is to make our services available to all the households in India. We have looked at the increasing literacy & healthcare awareness in Punjab and have chosen to launch our services here. We believe that this concept provides biological insurance to our customers thru the lifetime. Through our concept of Stemade connect clinics we would like to establish a national network of like minded doctors who can help in reaching out this concept across their territories as soon as possible.

According to Dr. Prof. Vikas Jindal, “I am fortunate to have tied up with Stemade, which is going to be a great facility for citizens of Ludhiana. As Dental Pulp Stem Cell banking can be done on milk teeth of children in the age group of 5-12 years. Teens that are undergoing orthodontic procedure such as getting braces have the opportunity to bank their premolars that are often extracted during procedure. Adults on the other hand, have the opportunity to bank on their dental pulp stem cells through wisdom teeth.”

Explaining the banking process, Dr. Prof. Vivek Saggar said, “Dental stem cell banking in Ludhiana brings the state of the art medical research application at the door step of people of Punjab. This is definitely going to help the people of the area to secure their healthy future. Like timely monetary investments help plan future financial security, dental stem cell banking can help plan for a disease free body.”


Friday, January 18, 2013