Lecture on “Breast Cancer Awareness”


Ludhiana, October 9, 2012: Ludhiana Mediways, a super speciality hospital and trauma centre arranged a lecture on “Breast Cancer Awareness” today.

It was delivered by Dr. Veena Jain, Senior Consultant and Chief of Gynae and Gynae Oncology.

She emphasised the importance of early diagnosis and prevention and maintained that patients who have an early diagnosis have a 90% chance of cancer free existence after treatment. An yearly clinical examination of breast along with mammography once in a year or two after the age of 35 goes a long way in prevention of breast cancer.

She further said breast cancer is the commonest cancer in women all are the world. About 1 million new cases are detected globally with one lakh in India. At any point of time there are more than 10 lakh patient in India undergoing treatment or treated. The month of October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) all over the world. Adding, she said the aim is to create awareness among women and society for detection of breast cancer at an early stage when the cure rate is more than 90%. Another objective is to mobilise the society and NGO to raise fund for the treatment of needy breast cancer patient who otherwise cannot afford the cost of treatment.

In her deliberation, Dr. Veena Jain emphasised the need of regular yearly checkup with the test for breast cancer screening that is mammography. This simple test can pick up a breast cancer lesion 1-2 years earlier than it can be detected on clinical examination. In another words, it presents as a mass palpable in breast. A women can herself perform the breast self examination and get a clinical examination and expert opinion if any abnormality is found. The method to perform breast self examination was explained in detail. Yearly health checkup should also include a Pap smear test to detect early changes of cervical cancer.

Rohit Kapoor,Managing Director,Ludhiana Mediways, announced that, the hospital will be organising a free health check up camp for women on Oct 27 from 10 am to 2 pm.

Kapoor,announced heavy concessions in camp for cancer patients on surgeries and investigations in the institute.

Dr. Satish Jain, Medical Director cum Chief of Surgery and Surgical Oncology,Ludhiana Mediways, said that the hospital is well equipped for management of all types of cancer with highly specialized team of oncologist and Onco- Surgeons. The hospital is empanelled for Mukhya Mantri Cancer Rahat scheme for management of Cancer.

Rohit Kapoor,Dr. Baldeep Singh and Gurmeet Singh Kular, management of Ludhiana Mediways Hospital, is keen to take this initiativeas a continuous service to humanity. He further stresses that hospital management look forward to support poor and needy patients as far as possible.

The seminar was attended by more than 100 persons.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012