LG is South India’s Most Trusted Brand followed by Sony & Samsung Mobiles


Brand Trust Report - N. Chandramouli CEO of TRA.

Aavin Milk, MTR and Mercedes Benz Gain Higher Trust in Region  
Hyderabad/Chennai, February  26, 2015 : India’s much anticipated and most rigorous brand evaluation, The Brand Trust Report, India Study, a comparison of the trust held in brands, has been released for 2015. LG leads South as the Most Trusted Brand as well is first in All-India rank, followed by Sony which secures 2nd rank in South up from one place from All-India rank. Samsung mobiles ranks 3rd in South, down one place from its All-India rank. Dell is South India’s 4th Most Trusted brand, up four places from All-India ranks and Hewlett Packard secures South India’s 5th position, up five places from All-India rank. Apple is South India’s 6th position up seven places from its All-India rank and Bata is at 7th in the South is up four places. Bajaj at 8th position is down by two places from its All-India rank, Axe is the 9th Most Trusted Southern brand, improving its national ranks by  nineteenth places and Nokia is at 10th in the South India down by five places as compared to All-India ranks. Last year the 5 Most Trusted South India brands Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Hero Motocorp and LG.
Thursday, February 26, 2015