Life of 35 Years old lady from Zimbabwe saved at SPS Apollo Hospital


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Ludhiana, September 19, 2014: In the recent case 35 years old lady belongs to small town of Zimbabwe, married, having kids was seen by and diagnosed to have Rheumatic mitral regurgitation stenosis with calcification. Pulmonary artery pressures were very high. Sub valvular structure was having severe crowding. Heart function was alright but it has started compromising Heart has enlarged. After preparation counseling and complete explanation of surgical procedure, post operative care, long term care of valve and infection. Patient was taken for surgery by the team comprise of Dr. K.C. Mukherjee (Chief Cardiac Surgeon), Dr. Anupam Srivastava (Head - Critical Care and Anesthesia), Dr. Manpreet Singh Saluja (Cardiac Surgeon and Dr. Manender Singla (Anesthetist).

Dr. Mukherjee said her diseased valve was partially excised and was replaced using a prosthetic valve. Whole operation took 3 hours to complete. Extensive use of Trans Echocardiography was done during the procedure to evaluate complete and success of surgery. She was extubated within 6 hours and was mobilized next evening. She was kept in ICU for 3 days and was discharged on 6th days. Her post operative recovery was without any complication. 

This patient was full of tears with joy while going back to his native place as she was discharged on her birthday. Her birthday was celebrated in the hospital by the department of Cardiac Surgery. She left with all the good memories to her country. Travelling to India for seeking healthcare, international patients can be sure of being treated by internationally trained and one of the finest clinicians in the world. The individualized care combined with clinical excellence makes SPS Apollo a healthcare destination for international patients.

India is fast emerging as the global medical travel destination. India is now considered a highly effective centre for specialized and high end medical treatment. Clinical excellence combined with traditional Indian values of hospitality and compassionate care forms the basis of our International Patient Care Services. Healthcare facilities in India are one of the most cost effective in the world. Hospitals in India offer treatment at a fraction of the cost of medical treatment in developed nations. The on-going quality revolution in the Indian healthcare industry has seen many of the large hospitals getting accredited by the Joint Commission International, USA. At the same time, India’s National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers has also gained popularity amongst many hospitals. SPS Apollo today stands tall as the first hospital in South East Asia to be accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission International, USA within 2 years of operations. The hospital has been successfully re- accredited by the Joint Commission International in February 2010 and January 2013. The Blood Bank at SPS Apollo Hospitals has also been accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers. It is the first accredited blood bank in the region and is only one of the few blood banks in the country which have received this prestigious accreditation.


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Friday, September 19, 2014