LMC must find permanent solution to “encroachments”


The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (LMC) men carrying out an “anti –encroachment” drive at Ludhiana on Monday.

City Air News photo: Mandeep Kumar Verma

Ludhiana, February 19, 2013: The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (LMC) carried out an “anti –encroachment” drive at Bharat Nagar Chowk and other parts of the city on Monday.

Yes. There was nothing new.

Years and years are gone but this practice is still on.

A few even level allegations that the LMC officials adopt “pick and chose” policy at the time of carrying out this kind of drive.

There are many kind of other whispering.

But, the question is that why a permanent solution is not find-out towards the nuisance of encroachments. Strict punishment must be given to those who are found habitual of doing encroachments. The most painful thing is that only “rehri” and “phariwallas” are not indulging in doing “encroachments”, there are even shopkeepers who have encroached upon the government lands by extending platforms of their respective shops.

The LMC authorities must convene a joint meeting of shopkeepers, NGOs and other related ones to find a permanent solution to the problem in the larger interest of the city and city residents.

Really, an “encroachment” free city will give an “attractive” look to all.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013