Loss of Industrial Production due to Smog in NCR


Upkar Singh Ahuja.

Ludhiana, November 14, 2017: Sh.Upkar Singh Ahuja, President, CICU, Ludhiana said in a statement that due to the Smog in the NCR many industrial plants are closed in NCR. The units manufacturing Cars, two Wheeler and other heavy industrial products have been closed by the Pollution Control Department. The industry is suffering huge losses to the Rs. 500 crores due to the closer of the mother units in the NCR. The supply from industrial units in Punjab is badly affected.

He further said that Govt. should take necessary measure to control the pollution cause by the burning of paddy straw and other agriculture waste. He also said that the pollution created due to the paddy straw is also harmful to the human beings, which needs to be control. He urge to the Govt. to take long term action in this regard.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017