LSCL Director delivers lecture on smart cities in International conference


Ludhiana, April 25, 2018: Architect Sanjay Goel, one of the Director of Ludhiana Smart City Limited and Chairman of The Indian Institute of Architects Punjab Chapter (IIAPC) delivered his lecture as one of the top speakers in international ‘World Architecture Conference' (WAC) held in Dubai . The theme of the conference was 'Smart Cities for Better World'. Goel's name was selected as Speaker due to his very good contribution in upcoming Smart Cities of India including Ludhiana.

Goel explained in his presentation that how Smart City Mission which is old world wide is taking shape in cities of different countries all over the Globe. Smart Cities means our cities must be more and more human friendly, liveable and comfortable. The world's top smart cities are a hub of latest infrastructure, smart technologies and digital advancement that focus on providing comfortable and manageable life to its inhabitants. Indian cities have to work very hard to really become smart cities as majority of cities in other countries are already far ahead of even India's best cities as explained by Goel.

Dubai, where International World Architecture Conference held is already a Smart City having residents from more than two hundred different countries. Road infrastructure, water supply, sewerage disposal, rain water harvesting, landscaping, public transport, automation, electric layout, use of solar energy is excellent in Dubai as well as in top Smart Cities of World.

Prominent internationally known speakers were Ar. Palinda kannangara, Ar. N Mahesh, Ar. Sanjay Goel, Ar. Yahya jan, Ar. Manupuriam Seth, Ar. Chirag Jain, Dr. Harpreet seth, Ar. Ashok G Iyer, Ar. Arjun Malik, Prof. Charanjit Singh Shah, Ar. Surinder Bahga, Ar. Fadia O Chaker, Ar. Vijay Garg, Ar. Christopher Beninger, Ar. Nigel Eckersall Riba and Ar. Kanagaraj Ganesan.

Hundreds of architects from all over the globe attended world architectural conference which mainly explore effective design techniques and materials needed for achieving architectural excellence. This was certainly one of the biggest and much-awaited conferences of its kind. Each component of this event focused on a pertinent theme, developed by eminent personalities from the international Architectural, planning, and construction fields.
WAC was attended by many delegates from Punjab and rest of India including Yogesh Singla, Surbhi Jain, Prabhpreet Singh, Manish Garg, GS Dhillon, Sukhwinder Singh, Suruchi Goel, Monica Garg and Malti Singla.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018