LSCL Meeting: Major outcome was not there in the today’s meeting


Ar.Sanjay Goel, Director, LSCL.
(file photo)

Ludhiana, November 22, 2018: The 7th Ludhiana Smart City Limited (LSCL) Board of Directors meeting was held today in Chandigarh under Chairmanship of Mr Venu Prasad ACS LG.

Meeting was attended by all directors except commissioner LMC and Police Commissioner (attended by his representative).

speaking to City Air News here today, Ar.Sanjay Goel, Director, LSCL, expressed his resentment on exceptionally slow pace of work in Ludhiana with special highlight on team AECOM unable to work and deliver during last more than 2 years as not even a single valuable smart work was handed over to citizens.

“Neither we have independent full time CEO nor office”, said Ar.Goel, adding, “Consultancy firm is changing its senior consultants frequently.”

How results could be achieved, he asked.

Lack of coordination is also a big issue, he said, adding that many selected projects are not required priority wise.

Ar.Goel suggested that Board meetings must be held in Ludhiana as majority directors are from Ludhiana City.

“Till now we were eligible for Rs.300 crore each minimum from centre and state government which comes out to be Rs.600 cr for city but nothing important spent in last years”, he said.

Citizens participation must be increased, Ar.Goel suggest.

“Major outcome was not there in the today’s meeting”, he revealed.

Further, he said Team AECOM is to show its calibre otherwise Ludhianvis cannot get smart city soon.

The today’s meeting was attended by Mr Ajoy Sharma Vice Chairman LSCL, Mayor Balkar Singh Sandhu, CEO Sanyam Aggarwal,
DC Pardeep Agarwal, LMA President, Central Government nominee, CE PSPCL and team AECOM.

Thursday, November 22, 2018